Computer-Based Learning Program

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Computer – Based Learning Program

Updated in 2009!

This is the first update to the Rome Foundation Computer-Based Learning Program on Functional Gastrointestinal Disorders (FGIDs).

The Computer-Based Learning Program brings to life information from the Rome III book, and also updates this information from the recent scientific literature. These State of the Art slides include a number animations and videos, conceptual slides that communicate ideas that may otherwise seem difficult to convey, and key studies from the literature. Notes and legends for every slide give a description of the slide with key references.

Included in this new update:

  • New Brain Imaging Module. A collection of 39 newly created slides in this new area of GI medicine.
  • 34 new slides added to the Treatment Module. These additional slides include the newly adopted ACG Evidence Based Guidelines for treatment of IBS published in October of 2008.

Designed by the world’s leading experts in functional GI disorders, the Computer-Based Learning Programs use the most up-to-date information to provide the viewer with a state-of-the-art learning experience. The Rome Computer-Based Learning Program is the product of a 2-year effort of international clinicians and investigators covering the entire field of functional GI disorders. Buy the entire Learning Program or purchase specific modules by topic or individually by slide — multiple module discounts apply.

Complete Program Consisting of all 8 Topic Modules (825 images) and all four Specialty Modules — $500

Topic Modules Images Price
Epidemiology 55 $55
Basic Science 191 $191
Diagnosis 129 $129
Treatment 217 $217 *
Pediatric 110 $110
Psychosocial 84 $84
Brain Imaging 39 $39 **
Specialty Modules Images Price
Primary Care/Health Care Extender 419 $335
Integrated Module on IBS 446 $357
Integrated Module on Constipation 277 $222
Integrated Module on Dyspepsia 324 $259
Pediatric 110 $110

You can purchase individual slides for use in presentations from our online store. To help you choose which ones you may want to purchase, you can view our catalogue of slides.

Individual PowerPoint Slides for use in presentations are available.

$4.00 for Standard(Text/Graphic) Images, $6.00 for Animated Images

Discounts available when buying multiple modules:

2 modules 15% off list
3 or 4 modules 20% off list